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Forced Order
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LyricRest of LyricAlbum Name
You, with your words like knives and swordsSpeak Now
State the obvious,Taylor Swift
It's strange thinkTaylor Swift
I see your face in my mindFearless
I'm so gladSpeak Now
And it's a sad picture,Fearless
Seem's the only oneTaylor Swift
I still rememberSpeak Now
There I wasSpeak Now
I'm five years old it's getting coldFearless
Corey's eyesTaylor Swift
All this time I was waiting Fearless
I don't know what I wantTaylor Swift
Now go stand on the cornerSpeak Now
I used to think one day we'dSpeak Now
You have a way of Taylor Swift
He is sensibleFearless
LyricRest of LyricAlbum Name
Your little hand's wrappedSpeak Now
I didn't know what Taylor Swift
Once upon a time, I believe it was a Fearless
You and ISpeak Now
Guess youSpeak Now
He said the wayTaylor Swift
I took a chance,Fearless
Long were the nights whenSpeak Now
Drew looks at me, ITaylor Swift
You were in college workingSpeak Now
I am not the kind of girl who should beSpeak Now
You're on the phoneFearless
I was riding shotgun with my hair Taylor Swift
Say you're sorry, Fearless
The way you move is likeSpeak Now
She said, I was sevenTaylor Swift

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