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Can you name the USA Civil Rights 1865-1992 Supreme Court Cases?

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ActionSupreme Court CaseGroup
1896 ruling ordered that segregation was legal as long as facilities were equal.African American
1898 ruling that defended voting restrictions for African Americans as constitutional. African American
1938 ruling suggested that 'separate but equal' was legal but only if facilities really were equal.African American
1954 ruling that desegregation was illegal.African American
1960 ruling which outlawed segregation on all inter-state travel facilitiesAfrican American
1971 ruling recognised that due to discrimination, African Americans lack of qualifications should be taken into consideration. Supported the idea of affirmative action.African American
1974 ruling said that the bussing policy wasn't necessary unless there was deliberate segregation. This was due to the issue of re-segregation in some issues.African American
1978 ruling said that a white student had been unfairly discriminated against when he had been refused a place.African American
1905 ruling which declared that a law imposing a restriction on a 10 hour working day was unconstitutional. Labour Rights
ActionSupreme Court CaseGroup
1903 ruling established the right of congress to revoke all treaties signed with Native American tribes.Native American
1948 ruling that challenged the voting discrimination of Native Americans in ArizonaNative American
1974 ruling established the right of tribes to sue for the return of their lands.Native American
1976 ruling secured the right of tribal courts to decide on all issues relating to the adoption of Native American children. This helped to stop forced 'Americanisation'.Native American
1980 ruling offered the Sioux Nation $123.5m as compensation for the loss of the Black Hills. The money was refused and the nation preferring the return of the land instead.Native American
1982 ruling established the right of Native Americans to establish gambling enterprises on their reservation lands even if state laws forbid it.Native American
1986 ruling that established the ownership of the Native American community over burial grounds etcNative American
1973 ruling that legalised abortion. Women

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