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The arrest of the Scottsboro boys
The assassination of Malcolm X
The year that 76% of African Americans graduated from high school
The passing of the Fifteenth Amendment which forbade the denial of the vote to any man on the basis of colour, race or 'previous condition of servitude'
The year of the Springfield Riot
Marcus Garvey holds talks with the KKK
Adam Clayton Powell is elected to the House of Representatives, representing Harlem
Supreme Court decision Mississippi vs Williams
The Freedom Rides
The Freedman's Bureau is closed
The film, 'The Birth of a Nation' is released
Supreme Court California vs Baake
Jesse Owens wins four gold medals
The State of Mississippi introduces literacy tests for all voters
Thaddeus Stevens dies a happy man after almost impeaching President Andrew Johnson
Huey Newton and Bobby Seale begin the Black Panther Movement
Ida B Wells moves North to escape lynching
Events in Elaine, Arkansas can only be described as a tragedy
The year in which 35% of government food stamps issued went to African Americans
Booker T Washington is criticised by WEB Du Bois in his book, 'The Souls of Black Folk'

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