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Can you name the films by other characters portrayed by the same actors?

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Forced Order
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DescriptionMovieActors in Clues
Susan Orlean and Princess Giselle try to bring down Truman Capote
Charlie Kaufman scares off the bees
Mark Zuckerberg tries to make it with Bella Swan, even though she's already with Green Lantern
Hannibal Lecter ignores Nanny McPhee until it's too late
Patch Adams helps a retarded puppet get his life on track
Tony Manero saves Beatrix Kiddo from overdosing, while Nick Fury rethinks life
Rooster Cogburn just wants his rug back
Howard Cosell and Rain Man waste any on New York's mean streets
Helen Schlegel keeps her emotions inside, much to the happiness of Professor McGonagall, until Marcus Brody hooks her up with his son
Jack Byrnes tries to help out Clarice Starling by shooting up the place
DescriptionMovieActors in Clues
Jack Sparrow wants to kill Severus Snape for stealing his daughter
Sam Spade takes the Woman of the Year down the river
Batman teaches Max Payne how to box
John McClane, Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth, and Booth the Assassin kick some ass
Howard Hughes bonds with Annie Hall's Brother, while running from Forrest Gump
Scott Pilgrim knocks Adriadne up
Ron Kovic, with the help of Bridget Jones, shows Radio the money
Mark Renton and Virginia Wolf invent MTV in the 19th century
Queen Victoria learns that Bob Dylan has been a bad teacher
Louise Sawyer preps Harvey Milk for certain doom

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