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At my request he would not. Hermione, my dearest, thou never spokest to better purpose.
My wife's a hobby-horse, deserves a name as rank as any flax-wench that puts to before her troth-plight: say't and justify't.
You gods, look down and from your sacred vials pour your graces upon my daughter's head! Tell me, mine own. Where hast thou been preserved? Where lived?
Whom son I dare not call; thou art too base to be acknowledged: thou a sceptre's heir, that thus affect'st a sheep-hook! Thou old traitor
I am appointed him to murder you.
Do not weep, good fools; there is no cause: when you shall know your mistress has deserved prison, then abound in tears
Purchase the sight again of dear Sicilia and that unhappy king, my master, whom I so much thirst to see.
O my poor father! The heaven sets spies upon us, will not have our contract celebrated.

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