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Movie #1AnswerMovie #2
Bromance & HulkDenzel saves Dakota
Seth Rogen plants his seedClooney at home on the road
Coach Lucas leads the wayTom Green feeds his snake
Walker & Alba scuba Bosworth & Rodriguez surf
Money, murder, one bad haircutCuba says 'show me the water!'
Hans ruins ChristmasBronson Bareknuckle Boxes
The Triple LindyBlack educates his students
Mandy diesFake 23 blast with a backside George reverse
Iceman goes to MarsMarky Mark monkeys around
Willis, Rourke, Alba get graphicNic Cage is heavenly
Movie #1AnswerMovie #2
Ed Norton is not so innocentDepp goes on a trip
Morgan Freeman has the kid!Low Rider anyone?
Tyler DurdenTropical murder mystery
Old man gets a shot at the big leaguesYoung kid gets a shot at the big leagues
Classic McQueen war filmNot-so-classic Russell Big Apple film
Redford smashes the lightsMickey and Mallory go on a spree
The Mighty Ducks of soccer moviesTom Hanks takes on King
Hair GelSpoonful of Sugar
Italian Stallion takes on Tommy GunnRemember remember the fifth of November
Get Shorty againI see pride...I see power....

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