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Can you name the song titles from the lyrics translated to Russian and back?

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Song LyricSong TitleReal Lyrics
My baby of don' t of mess all around because it loves me so I this I I know for certainly…
I speak don' t you know you he speaks you don' t I goes he speaks that… accept me outside!
They tried to make me to go to the rehabilitation but I it said ' no, there are no, no' Yes I' ve, will be which black but when the recovery of you' The I; ll he knows he knows he
So 1,2, 3, assume my hand and comes with me because you you look by such precise and I actually want to make you mine.
I actually did know never that it could dance as this it does make man to want to have a talk Spanish language in proportion to it is caused? Is sufficient, my house, its house
Now people gather around, now people they skip all around, obtain your freak further.
The love forever of love is free Let' forever turning s you and I am windmill, windmill for the earth each inside?
...and I fell in love with it, the taste of her knob of the fellow of cherries.
Let' s has a certain fun, this impact I am sick I want to accept ride on your knob of the disc Of don' t think pushed too much exactly to that knob
You turn my head inner circle, right round when you go downward, when you go you will lower

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