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1. Having labored as a shoe salesman(1987-1997)
I got up to date by starting a custom closet company(2009-2017).
2. After graduating medical school at the age of 14(1989-1993)
I waited for it and became a womanizing bank employee(2005-2014).
3. All in as a blue-collar bigot(1968-1979)
then a Mississippi police chief(1988-1995).
4. In grade school I created mischief for my Pa(1960-1968)
gleefully on to high school to create mischief for my Dad(1974-1984).
5. Doctor (1983-1986) Doctor(1996-2000)
Naval Special Agent(2003-2017).
6. A graphic artist who married which daughter?(1992-1997)
then kaboom I'm an experimental physicist(2006-2017).
7. 'The Toolman' (1991-1999)
'Outdoor Man'(2011-2017).
8. I was a TV show host(1973-1977) then retired St. Olaf native living with the girls(1985-1992) finally caretaker of the house(2010-2015).
9. I started as an overachieving young Republican(1982-1989) before going back to NY as the Deputy Mayor (1996-2001).
10. I loved being a wacky wife(1951-1957) then a wacky widow (1962-1968) then a wacky widow again (1968-1974).
11. Everyone knew my name when I was a bar owner(1982-1993) a misanthropic doctor (1998-2004) and crime lab supervisor (2011-2015).

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