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1. I started as an astronaut(1965-1970), but later realized my fantasy to become an oil tycoon(1978-1991).
2. I was a starship captain(1966-1969), police Sgt(1982-1986), and a renowned attorney(2004-2008). I think...
3. After my run as a stay at home mom with my TV writer husband(1961-1966), I displayed my talent as an associate TV news producer(1970-1977).
4. Both of my professions, Old-West poker-playing rounder(1957-1962) and private investigator(1974-1980), often left me between a stone and a hard place.
5. I loved being an eccentric beatnik(1959-1963), but eventualy I became the first mate on a small charter boat(1964-1967).
6. My husband and I owned an appliance store(1972-1978), before moving in with the ladies and becoming a substitute teacher(1985-1992).
7. Was I dreaming when I transitioned from Psychologist(1972-1978) to author/inn keeper(1982-1990).
8. The transition from sportswriter(1970-1975) to Medical Examiner(1976-1983) was strange for me.
9. Being the wife of a Mafia boss(1999-2007) was just above tenor before becoming an ER nurse(2009-2015).
10. Also a starship captain(2002-2003) followed by a blazing gig as a best selling novelist/crime solver(2009-2016).
11. For a short while I was a Taxi dispatcher(1978-1983), after which I portrayed a succesfull businessman choosing to live in squalor(2006-2017).

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