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Name one of the members of tribute act Fake That, which TT starred alongside for charity.
In 2006, Mark had a son. What was his name?
How many Brit Awards have the band received?
Which member has been a talent show judge?
What was the date Take That split?
Which member took part in a stage production called Gob?
Who was their manager in the 90s? (full name)
Which Barry Manilow hit did Take That cover?
What is the name of the Robbie and Mark bromance?
What year did Take That's original manager discover Gary?
Which member had a single named Clementine?
Name a film that Take That have recorded a song for.
Which single did they perform in the Brits 2011?
What was Take That's first ever single?
What was the name of Take That's documentary aired in 2010?
What nickname did Robbie Williams give Gary Barlow after their reunion?
Who is the youngest member of the band?
Which Take That member is also a DJ?
What are Take That fans called?
What was Take That's first ever single to reach number one in the UK?

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