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The protagonist, a Chaplain's Assistant in the Army who time-travels at randomBilly Pilgrim
The prolific, failed science-fiction author who appears in many Vonnegut novelsKilgore Trout
A model and pornographic actress, the aliens kidnap her, and she bears the protagonist's childMontana Wildhack
The alien race that kidnaps the protagonist, they will accidentally destroy the universe in the futureTralfamadorians
A POW who saves the protagonist's life in a quest for glory, then blames the protagonist for his deathRoland Weary
A middle-aged soldier and high school teacher whom the Germans execute for stealing a teapotEdgar Derby
Another POW (and a car thief), he vows to avenge the above character's death by killing the protagonistPaul Lazzaro
The protagonist's overweight wife who dies of carbon monoxide poisoningValencia Merble
Another recurring Vonnegut character, he's a veteran who introduces the protagonist to the author's worksEliot Rosewater
An insane, delirious Army officer from Cody, Wyoming, who dies of a feverWild Bob
An actual wartime friend of Vonnegut, who visits him while trying to collect memoriesBernard V. O'Hare
An American-born playwright and Nazi propagandist, he was the protagonist of Vonnegut's 'Mother Night'Howard W. Campbell, Jr.
A Harvard history professor and Air Force veteran who shares a hospital room with the protagonistBertram Copeland Rumfoord
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