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Can you name the following athletes who will turn 50 in 2012?

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BornAthleteClaim to Fame
January 25Defenseman who played in 11 NHL All-Star Games, 4 Olympics, and 24 NHL playoffs
March 3Record holder in the women's heptathlon who won 3 Olympic gold medals
March 3Running back who won the Heisman in 1982, then made the Pro Bowl as a Cowboy
March 128-time All-Star (7 as a Met) outfielder with drug and legal issues
March 26Jazz point guard who leads the NBA in career assists and steals
March 29Current Oakland Athletics general manager; subject of 'Moneyball'
April 19Born into a racing family, he won the Indianapolis 500 in 1992 and 1994
June 22Dream Team member and Hall of Fame Trail Blazers guard/forward
July 4Won 21 doubles grand slams and an Olympic gold; now an ESPN tennis analyst
August 4Controversial 7-time Cy Young Award winner nicknamed 'Rocket'
August 5Jamaican-American Hall of Fame Knicks center; also a Dream Teamer
September 1Dutch national team captain named World Soccer Player of the Year in '87 and '89
September 28Canadian goaltender who was the first black player in the NHL Hall of Fame
October 13NFL all-time leader in receptions, receiving yards, and TDs
October 19Only 4-time World Heavyweight boxing champion; defeated Mike Tyson twice
October 235'10'' Heisman-winning quarterback in the CFL Hall of Fame
November 30Heisman-winning baseball All-Star and football Pro Bowler
December 27University of Kansas men's basketball coach; won 2008 NCAA title

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