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QUIZ: Can you name the two-word groups in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame whose first word is 'The'?

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'The'... GroupGroup Member
 Hilton Valentine
 Robbie Robertson
 Ringo Starr
 Roger McGuinn
 Joe Strummer
 Will 'Dub' Jones
 Michael McGill
 Jim Morrison
 Gerhart Thrasher
 Paul Wilson
 Terry Sylvester
 Curtis Mayfield
 Peter Quaife
 Bobby Lester
'The'... GroupGroup Member
 Walter Williams
 Sonny Til
 Tony Williams
 Andy Summers
 Dino Danelli
 Nedra Talley
 Shirley Owens
 James Williamson
 Mary Wilson
 Paul Williams
 Don Wilson
 Pete Townshend
 Paul Samwell-Smith

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