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Can you name the songs from the following lyrics of increasing length?

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LyricSongYear (Genre)
Y.1978 (Disco)
Sh1995 (Alternative)
Hey!1972 (Glam Rock)
Jojo1969 (Rock)
Jenny1982 (Rock)
Hold 'em2008 (Dance Pop)
B-A-N-A-N-A-S2005 (Pop)
Turn it up!1987 (Hip Hop)
Tell me why1999 (Teen Pop)
Ain't afraid1984 (Pop)
Give me a sign1998 (Teen Pop)
Halfway there1986 (Hard Rock)
Just a castaway1979 (Rock)
LyricSongYear (Genre)
Jupiter and Mars1954 (Traditional Pop)
Polaroid picture2003 (Hip Hop)
Goodness gracious1957 (Rock)
Ten thousand spoons1996 (Pop Rock)
Hear the train a-comin'1956 (Country)
Still I'm gonna miss you1967 (Pop Rock)
Lakes that you're used to1995 (R&B)
I've got all my life to live1978 (Disco)
When angels deserve to die2001 (Hard Rock)
She's giving me excitations1966 (Surf Rock)
And the moon is the only light1961 (Soul)
Aurora Borealis comes in view1982 (New Wave)
I ain't freakin', I ain't fakin' this2008 (Dance Rock)

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