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Updated Mar 14, 2014

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Will Smith's character in 'Men in Black'
The symbol for momentum in Physics
Blood type of people frequently called 'universal donors'
Fifty to the ancient Romans
1969 French-language film nominated for Best Picture
Classic 1931 Fritz Lang film starring Peter Lorre
Computer programming language developed in 1972
International license plate designation for Germany
Chromosome that determines the sex of in mammals
A test score of 34% would result in this letter grade (US)
Famously, the 1939 book 'Gadsby' never uses this
Mysterious protagonist of 1980s Alan Moore comic books
Surname of an A-Team actor who pities fools
Nominative singular pronoun in the English language
According to Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre it ain't nothing but a ___ thang baby
2008 presidential biopic from Oliver Stone
A serpentine curve
Symbol for the SI derived unit of force
The chemical element with atomic number 1
This marks the 'spot' on treasure maps
Prefix for German submarines
For a rectangle, it's l times w; for a circle, it's pi times r²
A second-rate movie, often a cult classic
A 'Special' cereal from Kellogg
Job title of Major Boothroyd, maker of James Bond's gadgets
MPAA rating in which those under 17 require accompanying parent or adult guardian

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