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Can you name the five-letter words that share NO letters with the words before or after them?

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Name for a pack of Boy Scouts
A glass container- such as an Erlenmeyer- in a lab
A group of 12 things (unless you're a baker- then there are 13)
Wed or otherwise unite
Family of open-source computer operating systems
A four-base hit in baseball, or a clueless cartoon patriarch
Leap over, or where you'd store expensive items
To direct the attention of, or to pertain to
Not old, or Hall of Fame quarterback Steve
Upright support that holds a painter's canvas
Popular brand of refillable metal lighters
Place many of an item atop one another, such as with pancakes or dollar bills
Shelter made of ice used in arctic conditions
The outermost layer of Earth, or the edge of a pizza
One can be picked, bobbed for, or squeezed for juice
You might take photos in one or get dunked in others
A reward, or to highly value
Normal or ordinary, like Keyser Soze
A cord-like bundle of axons that transmits impulses throughout the body
Small, single-person watercraft propelled with a paddle
A noble gas, it's the element with atomic number 54
32 fluid ounces, or one-fourth of a gallon
Imprisons, or places in which people are imprisoned
A group of eight, like a musical ensemble

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