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Florida Air Force base where space shuttles are often launched
Republican 30th President of the United States, 1923-1929
Sweet morsel used in cookies, ice cream, and pancakes
Electronics retailer whose brick-and-mortar stores closed in 2009
Best friend of Homer and Lenny on 'The Simpsons'
Adam Duritz-led rock band known for 'Mr. Jones' and 'Hanginaround'
Displaying of a TV show's text for the hearing-impaired
Explorer who 'sailed the ocean blue' for Spain in 1492
Type of running or skiing over open, rough, often flat terrain
Non-profit organization that releases copyright licenses
Plastic payment option offered by Visa and American Express
News anchor and reporter married to Maury Povich
Smile! You're on...
Baseball team that broke a 108 year World Series drought in 2016
Cable network home to 'The Daily Show' and 'South Park'
Game based on making specific designs out of a piece of string
Strategy used by blackjack players to try to increase their winnings
Knighted actor/director/composer of silent films and talkies
Whiskey company founded in the 1850s and currently based in Ontario
The French Open is the only tennis Grand slam played on this
Singer of 1960's 'The Twist', named Billboard's top song of the past 50 years
Gosho Aoyama manga series about a 17-year-old detective
Capital of Nevada
Pioneering French fashion designer whose real first name is Gabrielle
What the 'cc' stands for when composing an email
This marble jumping board game was invented closer to Berlin than Beijing
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