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Can you name people from your past Christian??

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Mom's best friend growing up.
Dad's right hand man.
Swing tree malfunction victim.
Attempted to leap over 5 lawn chairs at a 'Christian Day' bomb-fire.
Created a 'Jack Shephard' for president shirt for you.
You told me he died drowning in the canal cause he hit his head.
Early neighborhood friend of yours, that wasn't really a great friend.
Had a huge crush on mom and stole things from our garage.
The kid who knocked Dad over with a left hook wearing a hulk-hand.
She had a gay brother we visited in Florida.
Broke her nose open in our pool.
Darren's best friend growing up.
Heard him drumming before you met him.
Got you out of a few speeding tickets.
Older brother up to no good listening to Tupac.

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