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What agent could you find howling at the moon?
Who won a grill during a TZ cornhole tournament?
Who was TZ insurance's first rapper?
Who owned and operated the first TZ shake weight?
Who wore their pants too high with their T-shirt tucked in?
Who could stretch a 30 minute application into a 2 hour conversation?
Who cursed on the phone after getting pegged with a ball?
Who was 'Leggo Man or Strata Man'
Ex Tz EmployeeName
Who told you to get your swagger back?
Who got three sales on their last day
Who left in a stretcher, in stlye with his thumbs up?
Who wore a suit ever day?
Who made his whole team wear bandana's?
Who ruined Mutual of Omaha's Life Insurance's bonus structure?
Who left TZ, came back, and then left again?

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