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QUIZ: Can you name the worlds that Sora's keyblades came from?

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KeybladeWorldWord Bank
Wishing StarTraverse Town (Secret Waterway)
Photon DebuggerAgrabah
Hero's CrestDestiny Islands
CrabclawTraverse Town (Mystical House)
Circle of LifeTimeless River
Jungle KingWonderland
Wishing LampHundred Acre Wood
OathkeeperThe Land of Dragons
Decisive PumpkinNeverland
Sweet MemoriesBeast's Castle
Lady LuckSpace Paranoids
Rumbling RosePride Lands
Fairy HarpTraverse Town (Geppetto's House)
SpellbinderHalloween Town
Hidden DragonAtlantica
Follow the WindDeep Jungle
Kingdom KeyPort Royal
Monochrome Olympus Coliseum

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