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Walt Disney's iconic legacy, what famous character was created in 1928?
Sora finds his way to Timeless River, where he meets a somewhat familiar face. This famous mouse first appeared whistling in what black and white film?
The home of King Mickey, what world is based on the real-world Cinderella Castle in Walt Disney World?
Several animated magical brooms can be seen marching within the castle. These housekeepers first appeared in what 1940 film?
What character was a tribute to Walt Disney, and was King Mickey's teacher in the Kingdom Hearts series?
While in Traverse Town, Sora learns magic from the wizard named Merlin. Merlin first appeared as a teacher to the young King Arthur in what 1963 film?
The only world in the entire Kingdom Hearts series to be based on live-action films, Port Royal is based on what film series?
First appearing in the 1959 film Sleeping Beauty, what is the name of this Princess of Heart?
The only Disney themed world in the first Kingdom Hearts game that is not based on hand-drawn animation, Halloween Town is from what 1993 'stop-motion' film?

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