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Forced Order
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What day of the week does the Harry Potter story start?Chapter 1
How many presents did Dudley get before his parents buy him 2 more?Chapter 2
On what island was Aunt Marge vacationing?Chapter 3
What is Hagrids official title at Hogwarts?Chapter 4
How many sickles are there in a galleon?Chapter 5
In which school book did Harry find Hedwigs name?Chapter 6
When Harry first meets Professor McGonagall what colour of robes is she wearing?Chapter 7
How many staircases are there at Hogwarts?Chapter 8
What football team does Dean Thomas have a poster up of?Chapter 9
What time is Harrys first Quidditch training with Oliver Wood?Chapter 10
Who drew the banner saying Potter for President in Harry first Quidditch match?Chapter 11
What do the Durselys send to Harry for his Christmas gift?Chapter 12
What age is Nicholas Flamel?Chapter 13
What must Hagrid feed Norbert a bucket of every half an hour?Chapter 14
What planet was bright the night Harry served his detention in the Forbidden Forest?Chapter 15
What potion did the first year students have to make in their exam?Chapter 16
What colour is the Philosphers Stone?Chapter 17

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