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A baby zombie can spawn riding on this mob.
This mob dies in the desert.
You can get achievements by summoning and killing this mob
If holding a sword, this mob will go from ranged to melee
There are 35 breeds of this mob.
If a pig is struck by lightning, this mob is born.
If a skeleton kills this mob, it will drop a music disc
As of 1.8, a villager struck by lightning will create this mob.
An achievement involves riding this mob off a cliff.
If sheared, this mob turns into a cow
These mobs will protect a village from all hostile mobs.
This mob will hop on land, but can't swim.
As of 1.8, this mob can spawn endermites when teleporting.
This mob is mostly notable for being Skydoesminecraft's natural enemy.
These flying mobs spawn in dark areas.
When wild, this mob will hunt chickens.
Creating the wither requires drops from this mob.
Return to Sender requires a player to (kind of) kill this mob.
A pink version of this mob can rarely spawn.
You can trade with this emerald loving mob.
Repopulation requires you to breed this mob.
This mob has a chance of spawning with swiftness, strength, regeneration, and invisibility on hard.
This mob only spawns in mineshafts
This mob can be a good pet and fighter to you.
This mob hides in most stone blocks and there's a spawner for them in strongholds.
This mob only resides in the end naturally.
The only natural mob to take damage from snowballs.
This mob is born when a zombie kills a villager.

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