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Can you name the Rocket Slime monsters?

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First enemy. Uses a tail spin attack.1
A playful pussy cat that attacks with claws.1
Only come out at night.1
They have shovels and can dig underground.1
With large horns, they charge at you.1
Always picking things up and throwing them.1
They have big hammers and purple hoods.1
Drops treasures but is hard to find.1
Is it a chest? Is it not? Who can tell?1
Their have spines and look like a desert plant.1
Can turn invisible and try to scare everyone.1
These little guys can use magic that explodes.1
They have spinning shells and horns.2
Whoa! Did that staue just move?2
They keep coming back again from the ground.2
Lots of fire is all that describes this monster.2
Frizz users who can teleport too.2
Attack 'em from the back or you hit the shield.2
Zap! Bam! These robots have swords.2
Riding them is fun, but who's riding the other ones?2

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