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The 3 main stars of the show.
Video-game correspondent
Where Eric sees all movies.
Favorite TV show of Eric, Mike, and Jake
Website where you can support the show.
Setting of PMI 2.0
Setting of PMI 2.5
Setting of PMI 3.0
Title of Eric's podcast
Title of Paul's podcast
Title of Jake's podcast
Controversial superhero movie among Eric and Mike
Jakes favorite 80s movie
TV expert
Comic expert
Classic film expert
Color people that Eric hates?
Sister of Eric
Jake's catchphrase
Cutie that Eric wouldn't mind seeing on screen
Creates the music for Pretty Much It
Show that PMI often does commentaries on
Asylum sequel that PMI did a commentary on
The only animated film that PMI had made a commentary on
Eric's favorite movie of 2012
Eric's favorite movie of 2013
Jake's favorite game of 2012
Eric's favorite phone company
Eric's least favorite movie of 2013
Place where Jake shares his thoughts
Least liked of the crew
Song that PMI parodied at Christmas
Eric and Paul's short film
Eric's final film review on Pretty Much it
Name of the 2nd incarnation of Recommendation Monday
Eric's favorite comic book movie studio
Eric's favorite superhero
Eric's favorite movie of 2010
Actor that Jake has a vendetta against
The best film channel on YouTube?

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