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Can you name the Two word phrases with the initials W.H.?

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DescriptionW.H. phrase
Joan Crawford wants no more of these
The President's abode
9th President of the United States
Class that charts all of the earth's past
'Where Do Broken Hearts Go' singer
IHOP rival
They couldn't drag the Rolling Stones away
Star of 'The People vs. Larry Flynt'
Tim Allen/John Travolta movie about bikers
A bar or a pool from which animals drink
Graduation distinction for top students
DescriptionW.H. phrase
Charles Kingsley novel
Emily Bronte novel
Euphemism for having a large penis
Section of Los Angeles known for its gay population
NCAA team in the Pacific-12 Conference
Infamously terrible 'American Idol' reject
Region of the world mainly comprised of the Americas
70s TV show with character Rerun
Equine film set during World War I
Exclamation of excitement
Device that allows for warm showers

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