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DescriptionP.D. phrase
Rodents who live underground in grasslands
Social time parents arrange for their kids
Michael J. Fox's affliction
Royal who died in a car crash
Former talk show host
Stage name of Sean Combs
Tossed in the air at Italian restaurants
High school girl's outfit for the big dance
Pattern with spots
Reggae song originally by the Maytals
McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy
Boat section that protects from weather - not feces
Trick where dogs lay motionless
Hired investigator
DescriptionP.D. phrase
Employee's daily living allowance
Electric tool that bores holes
2D toys that kids dress up
Book turned into an Anne Hathaway film
Girl group formerly fronted by Nicole Scherzinger
Star of Dallas and Step by Step
Creative works without intellectual property rights
Holiday honoring George Washington's birthday
Bill that is unpaid after deadline
Nonagenarian comedienne with a distinct laugh
Starz comedy about Los Angeles caterers
Modeling clay brand name
An insult or to euthanize
Section of government that prevents crime
Won an Oscar at 16 for her portrayal of Helen Keller

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