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Still Game is a spin off of what sketch show?
What does the mat outside Jack's flat say?
What time do Jack, Victor and Shug think Victor's son will arrive at central station?
In 'Cauld' who do Jack and Victor discover to have died from hypothermia?
What is the name of the pub Winston hasn't visited in 15 years?
Who 'died' and 'came back to life' only to discover his house had been robbed of things he had borrowed from other people?
With what caption does Tam win the scone competition?
What is the name of the 'Bastard Devil Dug'?
Mrs. Begg catches Winston dancing in the bookies because his horse won. Name the horse.
When discussing literary tastes with Winston, who does Frances say she is a fan of?
How much does Tam pay Victor for the car?
What is the name of the ned's caddy?
Winston 'sinks a right few quid' into something from the cash n carry to expand his, Jack and Victor's catering business in Navid's shop. What is it?
How much does Victor spend on his and Jack's posh meal in town for their friendship anniversary?
What item of food 'humps' Pete to reveal it is him who was raiding Navid's bins?
What is the name Victor chooses in the 'name the dog' competition?
What is the name of Fiona's husband?
What is the name of Jack, Victor and Winston's pub quiz team?
How much does Stevie owe Winston when Winston's accumulator comes in?
Where does Big Innes live?
When mocking Winston in 'Oot', where does Chris say his van is?
When you pay to see the tarot reader, what else do you receive?
What was Wully's 'lovely' girlfriend called?
What song does Tommy request n hospital?
What name does Winston adopt when pretending to be the owner of the Clansman?
Where does Tam propose to Frances?
In 'Hatch', what does Jack reveal Fiona has paid for for him, much to VIctor's delight?
Who do Jack and Victor dress as for the fancy dress night at The Clansman?
Who helps Tam 'deliver' his Christmas cards?
Who talks to Winston through his TV?
What is the job of Boabby's porn star alias?
What did the neds club together to 'get' Victor for his birthday?
What do Jack and Victor bring to the pub in case the McGills have been in?
Who is Hughie's widow the double of?
What do Jack and Victor drink as a nightcap with Michael?
Who got naked at Victor and Betty's 1975 Hogmanay party?
What melted confectionary does Navid accidentally pour down his beard?
What business does Tam claim to be in when entering a radio competition?
What do the police confuse Isa for when she phones to report the burglars posing as police officers?
After Boabby books Jim Watt for the celebrity bottle smash, which disappointed celebrity leaves the pub and later orders pizza?
Which appliance causes Tam to become overly-generous?
What did Pete the Jakey invent?
What does Tam want to call his and Frances' son?
Who keeps trying to join the choir, eventually succeeding thanks to a bribe?
With what item does Tam claim to have modified Navid's van?
In Still Game Live, what type of soup does Isa make?

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