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A couple walks through a graveyard. They are ambushed by horrifying zombies that dance surprisingly well!

Oh, it was just a dream...
A man with an indestructible crotch crashes through a roof into the room below and breaks out into a strange dance. He thrusts his crotch at a woman and her clothes are blown off.Turn Down For What
A naked man stands in front of a wall and is slowly painted over as the video progresses. Then the camera zooms out and we find there's also a naked woman in the video as well.Somebody That I Used To Know
A girl wearing a leotard spins, spasms and dances around the furniture in an abandoned apartment (If there was a hanging light fixture, she'd be swinging from that too).Chandelier
A Lady is sold to the highest bidder for 1 million dollars. She comes to his bed wearing the skin of a polar bear and a pyrotechnic bra, sets the bed on fire, and kills him.Bad Romance
A band has one of its members kidnapped by aliens. The rest of the band goes on a rescue mission - only to find out that the aliens just wanted to see them perform live.Blue (Da Ba Dee)
A man takes a drink, signs a check, and for some reason his friend just throws the entire checkbook into the street. The first man then gets a perm and also gets his shoes shined.Uptown Funk
A woman with a suitcase is running from two pursuers holding guns (inexplicably unused). A man with headphones watches and does absolutely nothing.Sandstorm
Description Song % Correct
A man stands on an icy cliff in a howling blizzard. He takes off his jacket, strips to his pants, then removes all his accessories and jumps off the cliff into the water below.You're Beautiful
An astronaut on Mars comes across and gets seduced by a woman in red latex. The woman removes his helmet, but strangely, he doesn't suffocate from the lack of an air supply.Oops...! I Did It Again
A woman breaks physics by launching herself out of the sea without any propulsion. She later dances amidst galloping CGI horses and crawls through the mud for no explicable reason.Whenever, Wherever
A man in a trenchcoat dances awkwardly by swaying on the spot and wriggling his hands around. An athletic bartender upstages him later by performing far better moves.Never Gonna Give You Up
A couple with serious relationship issues alternate between tenderness and violence as part of a choreographed dance. Each fight leaves them a little more coloured (bruised).Try
A man watches paramedics try and fail to save the life of his friend/crew member. The rap wars are real.Like Toy Soldiers
A man tries to kill himself in his car. Before he can do so, he sees a woman in a wedding gown escaping from her groom. She gets in his car and he helps her escape.High Hopes

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