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Traditional/Simplified ChinesePieceHànyǔ Pīnyīn/Wade-Giles

Red Pieces: 將 / 将
Black Pieces: 帥 / 帅

Red: Jiāng / Chiang
Black: Shuài / Shuai

Most important piece. Losing it ends the game.

Red Pieces: 仕
Black Pieces: 士

Both Colours: Shì / Shih

Moves diagonally one point at a time. Must stay by the most important piece.

Red Pieces: 相
Black Pieces: 象

Both Colours: Xiàng / Hsiang

Moves diagonally two points at a time. Can't cross the river.

Red Pieces: 傌/马
Black Pieces: 馬/马

Both Colours: Mǎ / Ma

Moves two points in a straight line and one point diagonally.

Red Pieces: 俥/车
Black Pieces: 車/车

Traditional Red/Black: Jǖ / JÜ
Simplified Red/Black: Chē/Ch'e

Moves and captures in straight lines.

Red Pieces: 炮
Black Pieces: 砲

Both Colours: Pào / P'ao

Must jump OVER a piece (friendly or otherwise) and land on another piece in order to capture (the second piece).

Red Pieces: 兵
Black Pieces: 卒

Red: Bīng / Ping
Black: Zú / Tsu

Most numerous piece (5 of them). Can move sideways once it crosses the river.
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