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Can you name the Defense Grid Towers by name?

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DescriptionTower Name
Basic cheap and fast firing projectile weapon tower that can attack single ground and air targets in close range
More expensive and slower firing projectile weapon tower that does high damage to single targets at long range
Close range flamethrower tower with limited range but high effectiveness against grouped ground targets
Close range tower that fires explosive grenades in the area around it continuously when enemy targets are in range
Slow firing artillery tower with extremely long range that launches fireballs at ground units which inflict heavy area damage
Anti-air projectile tower that is extremely effective against air units, but is not capable of targeting ground units
Tower that repeatedly discharges a distortion wave to slow enemy units within the towers range
Short range tower that strikes enemies with an electrical charge that is more effective the longer the tower is idle to charge
Energy weapon tower that hits ground targets with a beam of energy that continues to cause burn damage after the enemy is out of range
Tower that is able to detect cloaked targets in its vicinity and increase the resources gathered from targets killed in its range

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