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El Heredero de la Leyenda de Plata Rough english translation:The heir of the silver legend
The Straight Edge SuperstarFormer World and Tag Champ in ROH, ECW, IC, World and tag champ in WWE
The 8th Wonder of the WorldBig time draw in the 70's and 80's
P.S.Leader of the Fabulous Freebirds
The HitmanCanadian hero; megastar in the '90s
The MastadonHuge competitor from the Colorado Rockies(the mountains)
The FranchiseTalented worker has worked for ECW, WWF, WCW and TNA
The Alpha MaleFormer NFL player used same gimmick in WWE and TNA
The Belfast BrawlerIrish veteran has been a surprising success in the WWE
The Gun For HireWWE's 'Gunner Scott' in a bounty-hunter style gimmick in ROH
The All American AmericanHorrible ring name of former WWE ECW Champion
The MonsterTNA competitor whos gimmick and up and down career reminds many of Kane
The American DreamCharasmatic legend, former NWA Champion.
The GeniusRandy Savage's brother; also called 'Leapin''
The AnvilTag team partner of Bret Hart during his early years
The Generic LuchadorIs actually Canadian; despite his comedy character is a former ROH Tag Champ and PWG Champ
American DragonIndy ringname of former WWE star Daniel Bryan
The StalkerBig time star in the '80s and former NWA Champ in short lived WWF gimmick
The DumpsterWrestling garbageman
Heavy MetalFormer WCW bust; couldn't play guitar
LSDDudley brother who in ECW supposedly had a drug problem
The KingAccomplished wrestler and announcer; ran his own promotion at one point
Too HotPre-2 Hotty version of Scotty
Hip Hop HippoUsed during a short lived tag team with Scotty 2 Hotty
The Great and PowerfulKevin Nash in an infamous early gimmick based on a hit movie-musical
The MasterpieceWWE competitor best known for either his finisher or drug issues
The King of Old SchoolHas held the ECW and NWA titles, as well as a version of the AWA title
The JuiceTalented but controversial Luchador has worked for WCW,TNA and WWE
RowdyScottish competitor is a WWE Hall of Famer
The Beast from the EastLarge competitor was freakishly athletic for his size
The Japanese BuzzsawFormer WWE and ECW wrestler; known for stiff kicks
Mr. AssAlso known as Badass; but this is just more fun to type
Candy ManRoad Dogg's brother throwing candy to the crowd
The Olympic HeroGold medalist,WWE and TNA World Champion
SheikNot Sabu's uncle; Former Daivari's TNA gimmick
MongoFormer Chicago Bears linebacker and WCW Us Champion
Half-Man, Half-AmazingLess of a nick-name and more of a self-description; still it's fun to say
The Russian BearMajor Cold War era heel in the WWF; often tagged with the Iron Sheik
The Crown JewelGenerally dislikeable former ROH wrestler; also worked for TNA
Road DoggEventually took over as his ring name
The World's Largest Love MachineSuperheavyweight competitor in 'comedy' role
Too SexyPre-Grandmaster version of Jerry Lawler's son
The Madman from the SudanMassive competitor well known for his hardcore style
The Shaman of SexyOne of a barrage of nicknames for multi-time tag champion
The Innovator of ViolenceLongtime ECW competitor is said to eptimoize ECW
The Redneck MessiahFormer ROH Champion and WWE Crusierweight champion
Double CSwiss Indy star is 2 time ROH Tag Champion

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