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QUIZ: Can you name the stations on the Røros railway line between Hamar and Støren?

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Distance from Oslo SStationCounty
126.26 kmHedmark
135.53 kmHedmark
143.78 kmHedmark
158.38 kmHedmark
175.78 kmHedmark
190.38 kmHedmark
203.80 kmHedmark
213.85 kmHedmark
227.68 kmHedmark
237.50 kmHedmark
246.81 kmHedmark
271.78 kmHedmark
285.00 kmHedmark
311.68 kmHedmark
324.23 kmHedmark
Distance from Oslo SStationCounty
337.35 kmHedmark
347.21 kmHedmark
368.14 kmHedmark
384.87 kmHedmark
399.04 kmSør-Trøndelag
412.53 kmSør-Trøndelag
432.30 kmSør-Trøndelag
438.03 kmSør-Trøndelag
453.86 kmSør-Trøndelag
463.01 kmSør-Trøndelag
479.91 kmSør-Trøndelag
491.34 kmSør-Trøndelag
498.36 kmSør-Trøndelag
510.37 kmSør-Trøndelag

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