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Can you name the top 50 Destinations from Oslo Airport Gardermoen?

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PassengersDestinationDistance (Direction)
1,949,890226 mi (N)
1,814,852202 mi (W)
1,521,298213 mi (WSW)
1,438,864322 mi (S)
1,352,418246 mi (E)
1,112,377695 mi (NNE)
1,056,941742 mi (SW)
760,059500 mi (N)
641,456597 mi (SSW)
592,160233 mi (NW)
559,338598 mi (NNE)
509,456710 mi (S)
499,909174 mi (SW)
453,960857 mi (SSW)
439,245214 mi (WSW)
389,759476 mi (E)
372,041218 mi (NW)
340,297538 mi (S)
335,9053,687 mi (WNW)
332,214819 mi (S)
303,2332,551 mi (SW)
301,7341,111 mi (WNW)
270,2911,362 mi (SSW)
267,5931,598 mi (SSW)
261,5811,529 mi (SE)
PassengersDestinationDistance (Direction)
248,9641,766 mi (SSW)
231,0615,392 mi (E)
226,694651 mi (NNE)
213,103692 mi (SSW)
205,723763 mi (NNE)
194,293229 mi (NNW)
188,948516 mi (ESE)
183,187853 mi (NNE)
179,1623,194 mi (ESE)
170,2781,83 mi (SE)
169,1531,154 mi (S)
161,096886 mi (S)
158,655316 mi (SSW)
145,462942 mi (SSE)
144,1591,472 mi (SSW)
134,348709 mi (S)
133,556456 mi (S)
130,4573,082 mi (ESE)
128,925864 mi (SSE)
127,9921,266 mi (S)
124,8871,722 mi (SW)
118,844778 mi (SSE)
116,3081,013 mi (E)
111,471481 mi (E)
106,0031,801 mi (SSE)

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