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Who played Al Bundy's daughter Kelly in 'Married... With Children'?
In 'The Wonder Years' what was the name of Kevin's best friend?First name only will do
Name Tony's 'nephew' in 'The Sopranos'First name only will do
'He's a sinner, candy coated' was the description of which movie character?The movie was also named after the lead character
He was brown, he was hairy, he was not from around these parts....
'Thank you for being a friend...' was a line from the theme song of which iconic 80s sitcom?
Matt Groening created which American family?
River Phoenix, Wil Wheaton and Corey Feldman starred in which teen movie?
Joey's last name in 'Friends'
Name the family in the British sitcom '2Point4 Children'
In 'Cops and Robbersons' who played the grumpy cop that Robberson idolized?
Mama always said 'life is like...' what?
In 'Friends' Joey was a 'butt double' for which iconic movie actor?
Which young actress of recent years could men just not wait for to grow up?
Jean Reno played which 'professional'?
Ronnie Barker played which famous inmate?Full name
Paulie Walnuts from 'The Sopranos' was a regular feature for which restaurant chain's commercials?
What was the name of Victor and Margaret's neighbours in 'One Foot in the Grave'?Male/Female couple
In 'Hannah Montana', what is 'Mamaw's' first name?
What was Christian Slater's character's 'radio name' in 'Pump Up the Volume'
What was Catherine's last name in the 80s TV series 'Beauty and the Beast'?
What was the name of the cat in ALF?
What is Cliff's wife's name in 'The Cosby Show'?First name only will do
QuestionAnswerExtra info
What severe issue did Kimberly deal with in an episode of 'Diff'rent Strokes'?
In 'Saved By the Bell' what was Jessie once addicted to?
Who performed the theme songs for 'Full House', 'Family Matters', 'Step By Step' and many other classic sitcoms?
Name the hit movie which was based on a bunch of laid-off Sheffield steel workers turned strippers?
Johnny 5 was a character from which movie?
'There's a voice, that keeps on calling me' was a line from the theme song of which TV series?
Who said 'There's No Place Like Home'Character's First name and Movie title
'I see dead people' is a quote from which movie?
'Say 'hello' to my little friend' is from which movie?
Gary, Tony, Dorothy and Deborah are characters from which classic British TV sitcom?
'I Could Be So Good For You' is the theme song from which classic TV drama?
'Tea, Martin...Now!' is a frequent quote from which TV sitcom?
Elvis' mother refused to watch the ending of this movie because she couldn't bare to see her son die, even on screen. Which movie was it?
'Scarface' used the word '****' 207 times. True or False?
'Here's Johnny' is from which movie?
'Reservoir Dogs' was written by who?
Who won 'Celebrity Big Brother 2012'?
'You dirty old man' is a frequently used quote from which iconic British comedy/drama?
Queen's music video for 'I Want To Break Free' was a parody of which TV soap opera?
'We'll always have Paris' is from which movie?
'Could I BE...' was one half of many catchphrases by which 'Friends' character?
'A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.' is from which movie?

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