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When Rusty called Lewis at the motel room, what was the first thing he said?
What was the last name of the first victim?
What was the name of the motel where Lewis and Fuller pranked Rusty Nail?
After ordering in the diner, what does the waitress respond with?
What did the message read that was written on the road signs?
What was in the trunk?
Which state was Venna in at the beginning of the movie? (Lewis was driving there to meet her)
What CB handle did Fuller use?
What was the ICE truck driver trying to give back to Lewis when they assumed they were being chased by Rusty Nail?
What CB handle did Lewis use when he pranked Rusty Nail?
Which of Fuller's legs did the metal pipe go through?
When Venna was harassed by the men at the bar, what did one of the men decide to call her?
What color panties was Venna wearing at the beginning of the movie?
What was the name of Venna's friend?
What was the number of the motel room?
What kind of car did Lewis buy to drive to Venna?
How many burgers are Lewis and Fuller instructed to buy when asked to enter the diner naked?
What kind of field were Lewis, Fuller and Venna in when Venna was kidnapped by Rusty Nail?
What was the name of the town where the original motel was located?
After Fuller threw the CB radio out of the window, it was never seen again. True or False?
When Fuller went to Venna's motel room, he said was a licensed what?

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