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What year did the series begin?
Name Will's best friend
Where did Will move from?
How many episodes were aired?
How many seasons were there?
Who played Will's girlfriend Jackie?
In an episode, Jazz has a cardboard cut-out of which comedian?
True or false: All instances where Jazz is thrown out of the Banks' mansion is the same footage.
In the final episode 'I, Done', which two characters from 'Diff'rent Strokes' made an appearance?
In an episode of season 6, Carlton wants to pass on the opportunity of going to Princeton to concentrate on which profession?
When Ashley became a singer, what was the name of the song?
Which classic music show did Phil and Vivian appear on and were invited back to for a special?
Which TV personality did Will almost get sued by after making a photo of him?
When Will became homesick in season 1, which of his old friends did she invite to visit?
Name Hilary's husband who died bungee jumping
What was the daughter of Geoffrey's old boss called?
How much money did Will win at the Bel-Air country club fundraiser?
In the Christmas special 'Christmas Snow', where were the family spending the holidays when they were robbed?
Will offended his friends by choosing WHO to join him on a TV game show?
Phil suffers a heart attack while eating what?
Will quit university to become what?
When Will witnessed a mod murder, where were the family relocated to under the witness protection program?
Who does Will get stuck in an elevator with on the way to his stag night?
Carlton received an all-expenses-paid trip to WHERE as a birthday present?
What kind of instructor did Will fall for when the family joined a health club?
What was the name of Geoffrey's long-lost-son?
What animal did Carlton adopt?
Which TV star did Will offer his services as personal assistant to when they appeared on Hilary's TV show?
What did Carlton make Geoffrey believe, which results in him quitting his job?

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