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What was the name of the chef?
Basil Fawlty was based on a real person. True or False?
Who did Major Gowan hate?
What did Manuel name his rat?
Who played the role of Manuel
What was the name of Basil's American maid?
What was the name of the first episode?
Name the Irish builder who basil opted to use due to the fact he was cheap?
What lands Basil in hospital in the episode 'The Germans'?
Name the mostly-deaf woman in 'Communication Problems'
How much money was missing from the deaf woman's room?
What was the name of the horse that Basil asked Manuel to put a bet on for him?
Where is the hotel located?
Complete this line: 'It's what marriage is all about. I know - I read it on the back of a ________ '
When Basil asked the chef to stay behind later, where was the chef claiming he was supposed to be going?
When Basil claimed Manuel's pet was a rat, what type of hamster did Manuel claim it was?
How many brothers did Manuel state that he had?
When Stubbs the builder asks for the 'Generalissimo', where does Manuel say he is?
Which war did Basil claim he fought in?
During his time in the war, Basil said he killed how many men?
Basil calls Sybil his 'Nest of _______ '
What has become Basil's most famous catchphrase?
What did Basil famously beat his car with?
In the episode 'Gourmet Night' what was the only meat on the menu?
Evidence that Basil smokes is only briefly seen in which episode?
Which phrase does Sybil use constantly when on the phone?
What was the last name of the supposed Lord in 'A Touch of Class'?
Complete this line from Sybil: 'I have seen more intelligent creates than you lying on their backs at the ______ __ _____ '

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