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How well do you know Neal Caffrey?

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What is Neal's last name at birth?
Who is his long-time rival?
Who plays Neal?
Who did Neal date in Season 3?
What name did Neal go by when his mother was in Witness Protection?
In what city does he meet Mozzie?
What was the password Neal used for the website that kept watch of his treasures?
What was his FBI case file nickname?
Who owns the house that Neal moves into after visiting the thrift store?
Who was the first person that Neal tried to pull a major scam on?
What was Neal convicted for?
What kind of wine bottle did Kate leave Neal in the Pilot?
How much did Diana pay for a date with Neal?
What is the name of the bakery that Neal purchased?
What is the first thing Neal and Sara bought when they were undercover in Taking Account?
What color lollipop did Neal give Peter the first time they met?
What is Neal Caffrey's most used alias on the show?
Who is like a father to Caffrey?
HintAnswerExtra Info
What painting did Sara accuse Neal of stealing?
What is Neal's middle name?
Who tried to sabotaged Neal's hearing?
How many known aliases does Neal have?
What is the name of the waitress that Neal tried to get a date with in the first episode of Season 4?
How many different names did Neal Caffrey have (not including aliases)?
Yes or No Does Neal like guns?
True of False Dr. Mara Summers called Neal a psychopath?
What is Neal's Unholy Trinity?
In Season 5 how many handlers did Neal have?
What is the name of the homing pigeon Neal uses to communicate with Mozzie?
Of Neal's four serious relationships name one of the two woman that Neal slept with that went to jail at least once.
How many of Neal's friends or girlfriends were held hostage for longer than a few seconds?
Who is Neal's literal partner in crime?
What was the last thing Hagen said to Neal?
Who 'killed' Neal?
Who named their child after Neal?

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