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Blond woman who fails to re-join after leaving the farm (Laurie Holden)
Dr. Greene's younger daughter (Emily Kinney)
Mr & Mrs Grimes' son (Chandler Riggs)
Merle Dixon's bro with the cross bow (N. Reedus)
Mulleted scientist (Josh McDermitt)
Abraham's last name / car brand
Korean crew member Mr. Rhee (Steven Y.)
One-legged Veterinarian (Scott Wilson)
What the walkers are, also the name of the 2nd episode of season 4
Man who is left behind at tree after being infected (Andrew Rothenberg) and also Dr. Greene's farmhand who dies in RV (James A McCune)
Woman who is burnt by Carol in season 4 / Girlfriend of Ty
Mrs Grimes (Sarah W Callies)
Dr. Greene's older daughter that forms a relationship with G___ (Lauren Cohan)
Mr Dixon actor: N***** Reedus
Deer Hunter who shot Grimes' son -OR- Prisoner who is shot at Gov's Woodbury
Governor's real first name
Place where they campout -OR- what they must be to avoid attackers
Main leader of the crew - Mr. Grimes (Andrew Lincoln)
Deputy partner who is stabbed while alive (Jon Bernthal)
African-American man in the crew (I. Singleton) or (Chad Coleman)
Another term for the attackers
Location where the group moves to after leaving Georgia
Name of the Governor's community
What is shown to the crew at the CDC
Mr Rhee actor: Steven Y***
What the crew is trying to kill

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