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an informal way of saying speed training, a high level of intense bursts of speed
increasing interval lengths in training (200,400,800)
decreasing interval lengths in training (800,400,200)
increasing and decreasing interval lengths in training (200,400,800,400,200)
something you tie on your shoe that measures your finishing time in a race
someone (imaginary or actual) who you think is about to pass you and gives you motivation to keep going strong
movement before the gun fires in a race
any group running in close proximity
lightweight shoe designed primarily for racing - not training
rate of speed maintained over a prolonged distance
competiton shoes with metal objects that are used by runners
a section of the relay that one member runs
the legal area where the relay baton must be exchanged
time it takes for an athlete to run a certain leg on a relay team or distance in a race
a runner's best time
the percentage in which runners generally don't their weekly mileage by each week (a number)
a set distance (such as 400m) that you run at a fast pace in sets

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