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Can you name the answers to these A-Z 'Harry Potter' questions?

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First Name (Not Nickname) of the Father Killed By His Death Eater Son of the Same Name B
First Name of One of the Initial Owners of the Deathly HallowsC
Last Name of One of the Original Death Eaters Who Later Went On To Kill Remus Lupin in the Battle of HogwartsD
One of the Deathly Hallows E
One of the Sweets Sold By Fred and George to Make the Eater Fall Ill and Miss LessonsF
First Name of the Only Weasley DaughterG
Room That Was Included in Battle of the Department of MysteriesH
A Group of Students Hand-Picked by Dolores Umbridge Who Were Supportive of the Ministry of MagicI
Candy Found on the Hogwarts Express Food Trolley and HoneydukesJ
First Name of the Minister of Magic After the Battle of HogwartsK
First Name of a Muggle-Born Witch Who Was Part of the Order of the Phoenix During the First Wizarding WarL
Beasts in Hogwarts's Lake Who Were Seen During the Second Task of the Triwizard TournamentM
A Spell That Turns Off the Light Produced by LumosN
Employees of the Ministry of Magic Who Perfrom Memory Charms on Muggles Who See Magical ActsO
Luna Lovegood Was Said To Be Fishing For These Mythical Creatures When Ron, Harry, and Hermoine Visited Her HouseP
The Ball Used In Quidditch To Be Thrown Through Hoops and ScoreQ
First Name of the Founder of RavenclawR
A Range of Sweets Packaged Together and Sold by Fred and George; If Eaten Would Make the Person Appear SickS
Son of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora TonksT
A Product of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes That Causes Constipation In the RecipientU
Powerful Truth SerumV
The Band Who Played at the Yule BallW
First Name Of the Flamboyant Wizard Entertainer Who Vanished While TapdancingX
Head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement When Voldemort Was In Control of the Ministry of MagicY
Last Name of a Slytherin Student Z

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