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Forced Order
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cluesanswers extra info.
activities designed to discover,enhance,or maintain ethnic and racial identification 231
Adorno's term for people who are prejudice and rank high on scales of conformity intolerance,insecurity, respect for authority P.235)(
people who are singled out based on their characteristics
forcing a minority group to relocate
negative treatment of a minority group that is built into a society's institutions discrimination
the process of being absorbed into mainstream culturep.240
the diffusion of power among many interest groups which prevents any single group from gaining control of the government
Experiment, psychologist found that students directed frustrations onto people who had nothing to do with their problems
having distinctive cultural characteristics
the group with the most power, greatest privileges, and highest social status 229
a philosophy or political policy that permits or encourages groups or encourages groups to express their individual, unique racial and ethnic identities pluralism
a movement that focused on native Americans, so you could work with them
prejudice and discrimination on the basis of race
the policy of economically exploiting a minority group
better conditions are soon to come
identified the authoritarian personality type
an individual or group unfairly blamed for someone else's troubles
cluesanswers extra info.
demonstrated that racism was the result, not the cause, of belonging to racist social groups
weakening the power of the workers by splitting them along racial,ethnic, gender, or any other lines
a group whose inherited physical characteristics distinguish it from other groups
Americans would combine together to join an ethic group of it own
to separate acts from feeling or attitudes 239
identified four factors that affects an individual's sense of ethnic identity
an attitude of prejudging, usually in a negative way
white immigrants to the us whose culture differs from that of WASPs
the systematic annihilation or an attempt of a people based on their presumed race or ethic group
the policy of keeping racial or ethnic groups separated
white anglo-saxon protestant
seeing certain features of an object or situation, but remaining blind to others
an act of unfair treatment directed against an individual or a group231
the negative treatment of one person by another on the basis of that person characteristics discrimination
unemployed, work is needed they are needed, when its not they are unemployed

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