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Can you name the The NT Books by their Handles?

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HandlesBook NT
Ministry of reconciliations
Godly character through suffering, endurance for the truth
Final Farewell, I have finished my course
warning against false doctrine
sermon on faith
Christ is supreme center
Second Coming Clarified
Son of Men/Servant of God
Faith, love, light, and fellowship
I am statements
end of all things
warning against false teaching
Birth and Building of the church
HandlesBook NT
Second coming Described
Systematic explanation of salvation
seek and save of those who are lost
Humility and joy
letter to Crete
Paul to his son in ministry Ephesus
Justification of Faith
church problems, love chapter, fruit of the spirit
Jesus Messiah; it was fullfilled
Liberated Slave
Believers position in Christ the church
good works

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