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Facts of the CaseCourt Case
Streams redirected, wharf access restricted, city sued for violating 'just compensation' of 5th Amendment.
Murder, Double Jeopardy, Due Process, 14th Amendment
Southern sympathizer, Indiana, war powers, military courts.
Japanese internment camps, war powers, WWII.
Mandatory smallpox vaccinations, Cambridge, somebody doesn't want them, police powers.
Bakeries, maximum hours, liberty of contract, 14th Amendment, capitalism in Constitution?
Law against teaching foreign language to children under 10; teacher arrested; due process.
Minimum wage; liberty of contract; general welfare of protecting women and children; due process.
Prescriptions required to make glasses;
Famous footnote; increased scrutiny for cases regarding 'discrete and insular' minorities.
D.C. is 'blighted.' Deparment store owner. Takings clause. Public purpose, public use? Comprehensive redevelopment plan.
47% of land in hands of 72 people; exorbitant rent prices; gov't. takeover.
Pfizer plant; neighborhoods overtaken for businesses; Kelo resists.
Island; housing development plans; regulatory taking; environmental danger; just compensation question.
Bigger beach house; required pathway; 'psychological' barrier to public's awareness of beachfront.
Facts of the CaseCourt Case
Anti-draft literature; WWI; 'clear and present danger.'
Socialist materials distributed; calling for revolutionary mass action; criminal anarchy law.
Professor doesn't want to testify before Congress: does 'freedom of speech' mean 'freedom to not speak?'
Ku Klux Klan leader, 'revengence taken,' Ohio Criminal Syndication Act.
Flag burning; Texas law prohibits desecrating 'venerated objects.' Is this free speech?
100-feet within medical facilities speech restrictions; abortion opponents; free speech.'Right to be let alone.'
Publications criticizing public officials; paper shut down; prior restraint?
Porn mailings; what is obscenity?
Gay scout leader; freedom of association; freedom of expressive speech; right to restrict membership?
Soft money; money as speech; what to do?
CDA of 1996; 'Knowing' transmission of 'obscene or indecent' materials to minors;
New Jersey statute about reimbursing parents for transportation to school, including Catholic parochial schools.;
Rhode Island pays teachers of secular subjects; PA does the same and buys secular textbooks.
Alabama; 'moments of silence for prayer and meditation' in school.
R.I. middle school invites Rabbi to pray at graduation.

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