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Can you name the English Phrases in Epik High/Tablo Songs?

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Until you come back, every day is yesterday
You are my star, I'm your number one fan; baby please, take my hand
God makes man, and this is the devil's finishing touches
Love is a sickness, can I get a witness?
I'll pay for your CD, but pay no attention
Intelligent, irrelevant; I rip this mic to pieces
Time is tickin', t-t-time is tickin'...
Party like it's your birthday!
This is L-O-V to the E
We've got no place to go, no place to go...
We stay fly, we stay high
I don't know, but I go; keep on ___, ___, ___, high
Now lemme take a trip down memory lane
You are an overachiever, do what it takes 'till it takes everything you are
I can't stop, ___, ___, ___
Lead the fight against Leviathan; If I fail try again, live and die by the pen
You know I do; I do love you
Everybody's breakin', breakin', breakin' me down
It's so hard to say goodbye to ____
In this slave trade, lie and kill to stay paid
DJ! Come play my song on the radio!
Oh fate, oh oh oh destiny; ohhh love
When my body turns cold, you will know, I remapped the human soul
It's a murder fact; reality kills
I don't know what my heart is saying, you're the one for me

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