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depressed/ dislocated femoral head
porosity and periostitis long bones
pathological fractures
widening of metaphysis/ porous epiphysis
polyo or monostotic
porotic mandible, maxilla, sphenoid
porotic lesions to vascular plates: orbits
50+ years, hormonal change
v shaped flame
softening of bones
two phases
pathological fractures
nerve compression
thinning of trabecular bone
fractures at epiphysis
adult, calcium of UV deficiency
transverse furrows tooth crowns
'squashed' pelvis
bowing of tibia
absorption of cortical and trabecular bone
cod fish vertebra
tibias: bowed laterally
juvenile, calcium or UV deficiency
transverse layers, recommenced bone growth, x ray only
nutritional stress of illness in childhood
pseudo fractures at right angles to axis
dietary deficiency, parasites infestation, blood loss
bleeding gums
femurs: bowed posteriorly
55+ years viral and genetic
lytic lesions followed by sclerotic
symptom of scurvy
nutritional stress or illness in childhood
symptom of scurvy
enlargement of costo chondral joints
wolff's law, weakening of bones

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