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uric acid crystals in joints, imflammation
3 vert, right ossification of anterior longitudinal ligament
symmetrical H+F, not spine or sacroiliac, no NB
coritcal destruction, undercut, exposed trabeculae, scalloped edges
genetic, environment, immune
cause: psoriasis
erosive DJD
back bent side and from
obesity, diabetes, pituatory gland
herniating disc, sclerotic margin
stress fracture, lumbar Vert, shoveling
lumbar, no skipping of vert, costo-vertebral fusing
proliferative DJD
erosive arthopathy H+F, uric acid metabolism failure
synovial joints, movement, swelling, marginal osteophytes, porosity, contour change
cause: general bacterial infection
erosive DJD
erosive DJD
not appothysis fusion, begins in thoracic, moves down
secondary to traume and osteoporosis
cup and pencil
erosive DJD
thoracic and lumbar, oval depressions, inferior and superior surface
gradual fusion of entheses, bamboo spine,
back bent forwards
back bent sidways
fusion of axial skeleton
Separation of neural arches
aka reactive arthritis
erosive DJD
3 stage, cartilage, subchrondral bone deposit, eburnation
punched out, over hanging margins, sclerotic margins, MT,
sacilitis, spinal fusion, skip lesions, dip erosion
effect: asymmetric sacroiliac fusion, spinal fusion, asymmetric H+F erision, enthesophyes
schmorl's nodes very anterior + kyphosis from ankylosis
half vertebra

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