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A nickname for Jackson was 'Old _____'
Jackson's attack on the Bank of the U.S. was the cause of ______'s Panic
Jackson called the Bank of the U.S. the ________ ______
In 1832, Henry Clay started the ______ party to oppose Jackson
Jackson's VP who was a 'fire-eating' secessionist was _________
Jackson is accredited with increasing the _____ __ ___ ________
The cabinet of Jackson was often called the....
By 1824 these were becoming a minority due to the rise of the 'common man'
The Trail of Tears was a result of the ________________
At the Nullification Convention in Columbia, South Carolina nullified the tariff and readied a militia for ________
Once President, Jackson cleared all federal jobs as a part of this system
Jackson lost the 1824 election due to this action by John Quincy Adams
Name the road in Kentucky that Jackson vetoed
The ____-_______ party was created to oppose Jackson
Jackson's wife Rachel was accused of this crime
Henry Clay created the _____ tariff and _____ bill
In one famous political cartoon, Jackson is referred to as....
Jackson's biggest rival was ___________
Andrew Jackson's successor was ______ ___ _____
Jackson's first term in office was plagued by the _____ ______ ______

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