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Major challenges to conservatism post-Congress of Vienna (2)
Spain and Portugal failed to retain control of their colonial empires in ______ ________.
Nationalists believed that _______ should be the basis of political unity (begins with e).
Linguistically, a significant factor in a nation's cultural identity was a uniform _______ .
The _____ problem in Britain
Most ethnically diverse European power
Many national groups sought independence from Russia/Ottomans on the ________ peninsula.
Did liberals believe in absolute monarchies or representative governments?
Were liberals allied with the lower, unpropertied classes?
Did liberals want a regulated or free economy?
Statesman who epitomized conservatism, led Congress of Vienna
Congress of Vienna created _________ to replace HRE.
German student assocations
German student who assassinated a conservative who ridiculed the Burschenschaften.
Issued in 1819 by Metternich to dissolve Burschenschaften, provide university inspectors, and initiate press censors.
Limited the subjects the constitutional chambers of southern Germany could discuss.
Leader of postwar Tory ministry in Britain
1815 Parliament measure to maintain high prices for domestically produced grain.
1799 acts which outlawed workers' organizations or unions
Author of Political Registrar
March 1817- Parliament passed to suspend habeas corpus after unruly mass meeting near London
Royal troops fired on crowd at St. Peter's Fields
British version of Carlsbad Decrees (after Peterloo Massacre)
Radicals planned to blow up British cabinet
Post-revolution French leader who accepted the Charter
Ultraroyalists vs. former revolutionaries and Napoleon's supporters, post-revolution
Event which triggered repression in France
New arrangement for resolving mutual foreign policy issues
Name for alliance of countries in the Concert of Europe
Holy Alliance (order: R, P, A)
Issued by Holy Alliance; members might intervene in countries w/ revolution
Troppau Protocol was a response to revolutions which resulted in temporary constitutions in which two European nations?
At Verona, (talking about what to do in Spain) which nation retreated from continental affairs?
French army suppressed ________ revolution.
Which country supported Spain's revolting colonies to gain access for their country to Latin American trade?
Which countries formed as a result of successful revolutions which were allowed by the major powers?
Which French colony achieved independence at the dawn of the 19th century?
Battle which marked the end of Spain's effort to retain its South American empire.
Generally peaceful South American revolution location.
Moscow regiment refused to swear allegiance to Nicholas (wanted Constantine)(killed people, exiled them).
Orthodoxy, Autocracy, Nationalism policy
1830 - Poland tries to revolt, Nicholas issues this statue to declare Poland an integral part of the Russian Empire.
Leader after Louis XVIII
In 1830 elections in France, liberals win big. King and ministers try to seize power. Issue Four __________ .
Charles X abdicates as a result of revolt, __________ becomes new king.
Name for Louis Philippe's regime
Defeated Dutch and gained a constitution
1829 Irish development
Expanded suffrage in Britain-1832
1848 - new alliance

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